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Kyle Leon
Main address: 30 Vaughan Street N1G 0B8 Guelph ON
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  • 51 complaints
  • $2.7K claimed losses
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I got all the e books I ordered but soon realised that regular gym exercises were not for me. So I emailed asking for a refund. Ok I made a typo mistake as it's a long address but I did it correctly again twice - each time it came back to my yahoo inbox as 'Mailer Demon' So it seems there is no way I can get a refund. I should have realised that this guy was not just a fitness guru, but also a... Read more

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I watched the video by clicking an ad on the internet , what he says was logical . All these testestorone thing and methabolism story , training guide for high performance fat burn bla bla .But before clicking the order button , I checked Hey people you just saved me giving my creditcard number to a clown company. Thanks guys. I guess there is no easy way to burn these... Read more

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I am trying to contact anyone from Kyle Leon customized fat loss program to get e refund, but so far all the mails I have sent keep coming with no reply. I am trying to request refund, but they have made it impossible.There is NO number and impossible to get a response. I need Kyle Leon representatives to contact me and confirm the Cancellation and refund. I will reserve judgement on whether this... Read more

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I bought Kyle Leon's so called body transformation information!!! I gave him over $200.00 and I did not receive one thing from him! He is the biggest scammer on the internet! Do not brlieve anything he says! He'll just take your money and run. Do not buy any of his B.S. He talks a big game but you will not receive anything. He doesn't care about anyone except for himself. He doesn't care about... Read more

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My complaint is to the people here complaining about the great system and products brought to us by Kyle Leon Fitness. If you follow the directions you will have great results. If you do not follow the instructions what do you really expect? I had a compatibility issue when I had first downloaded the program(turned out to be at my own fault) and I also was having some wi-fi troubles(my fault for... Read more

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Never have I ever been so angry at a company in my life!!!! So not only did they scam me I got no product the page that loaded next after paying said sorry the product is no longer on sale then I went to check my bank n my bank has frozen my account trust me I will be taking this to the highest person I can! So you've took my money no product nothing!!!N I will make sure they will not be doing... Read more

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Despite the number of emails I have sent, to the admin or "sara" or "Kelly" who claim to be part of the Kyle Leon team and are here to help consumers, I have yet to hear back. I can only imagine how long it will take to get my refund. How many times must i contact them before i get heard? This is ridiculous for a sales company. Where is the sense of decency? As a student, i am strapped for cash... Read more

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I purchased this product the other day only to find that I had 3 desperate transactions pending on my credit card. I was really care full with pushing theback button as they do wearn you that you may accidently order twice. I have tried a lot of different email addresses trying to get into contact with them about this and also about the fact there was no where to supply my delivery address so I... Read more

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First of all, when I ordered this my McAfee warned me that the site was dangerous so I backed out at that point to do some research on ClickBank which is what they use. Found out that it is legitimate (supposedly) so I went back and went thru the ordering process again. When I got to the dangerous site warning again I went ahead and went to it and ordered. When I checked my credit card it... Read more

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